Trump takes lead over Biden in multiple swing states

October 21, 2023

In polling news that could prove conclusive for Donald Trump's 2024 GOP nomination prospects, the former president possesses a noteworthy advantage as compared to incumbent President Joe Biden in a series of critical swing states, as Breitbart reports.

Given that the states in question have played a pivotal role in determining the outcomes of the last two presidential contests, results from the latest Morning Consult-Bloomberg survey could prove to be a real bellwether for next November.

In five of the seven swing states that were included in the aforementioned poll, Trump currently holds a lead over Biden.

Those crucial jurisdictions included Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, all traditionally important states for any presidential campaign.

Furthermore, the poll revealed the putative nominees to be essentially tied in the battleground state of Michigan, while Biden still enjoys a lead in Nevada.

What is particularly notable is the fact that Biden prevailed in all of the above swing states, save North Carolina, in the 2020 election.

Trump, for his part, won all but Nevada on the way to his 2016 presidential victory.

As Axios suggested, a driving factor in the polling results gleaned from the set of states included in the survey is that voters in large numbers are rejecting Biden's handling of the economy.

Of the 5,023 registered voters who took part in the poll, those who indicated that the economy was the issue of greatest importance expressed disapproval of Biden's performance in that realm by a margin of 65% to 14%.

Fully 51% of respondents in these critical states declared the economy to have been better during Trump's time in office than during Bidens tenure.

A dismal 26% of respondents opined that “Bidenomics” has benefitted the economy, with 46% declaring their overall disapproval of the policies it encompasses.

Sure to strike fear in the hearts of Democrats is the fact that recent polling has also revealed that Trump is gaining favor with younger voters – a demographic group that historically leans to the left and tends to be a reliable bloc of support for Biden's party.

In terms of 18–29-year-old voters Trump was found to hold an advantage over Biden by a margin of 45.2% to 42.9%, as The Hill noted.

Despite these alarming numbers, Biden campaign representative Kevin Munoz attempted to minimize their importance, telling Axios, “Predictions more than a year out tend to look a little different a year later,” adding that the president and his team will “win in 2024 by putting our heads down and doing the work, not by fretting about a poll.”

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