Trump Takes Double-Digit Lead In Virginia Primary: Poll

 March 4, 2023

A Roanoke College Poll recently confirmed what Donald Trump could have told you for a while now:

Our former president is leading the 2024 Virginia Republican Primary.

Trump takes the lead in Virginia over what may be a very crowded field for the race for the Republican nomination in 2024. Second place goes to Ron DeSantis, who hasn't actually declared whether he's running in 2024 or not. It should be interesting to see if that announcement impacts his polling numbers in Virginia or elsewhere.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin was third, which seems respectable, but keep in mind that this is his home state. Perhaps him lagging so far behind Trump and DeSantis can be explained by the fact that 54% of people do not think Youngkin should seek the Republican nomination. Again, this is his HOME STATE.

Even Nikki Haley almost polled higher than he did, coming in just one percentage point behind the governor.

Like in many states, Trump is still king.

For now...