Trump supporters dismiss indictments, say quality of life was better during his administration

November 13, 2023

Trump supporters are doubling down on supporting the former president, with many arguing their lives were better during his term in office, rendering the indictments against him unimportant.

The former president recently appeared for a rally in New Hampshire and when interviewed, many of those who attended explained their reasoning for sticking by Trump with a year to go before the election.

One IT worker told USA Today, "A lot of people in the middle class realize -- wait a second -- life was pretty good under Trump, and they really get it."

Another older attendee said, "He's proven himself. You may not like what he says a lot of times, and he may say random things, but when he says he's gonna do something, he does, and he backs it up."

Americans are disillusioned with President Biden and have felt nothing but pain since he was sworn into office. Rising inflation, taxes, and a general decline in the economy have squeezed Americans.

By comparison, the Trump years feel like a different time, and for many, a much better time with more opportunities.

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