Trump supporters call RFK 'Radical F------ Kennedy' on new website

 April 16, 2024

Donald Trump's backers just explained to the world that the "RFK" in RFK Jr. actually does NOT stand for Robert Francis Kennedy.

According to the Make America Great Again Inc. super PAC, the letters RFK actually stand for "Radical F---ing Kennedy."

The MAJOR attack on the third-party candidate wasn't expected to come from Trump's side this early, as it was actually liberals who were initially worried that their side might be losing votes to RFK's third-party experiment.

A few polls, however, have actually indicated that Joe Biden may be the one who benefits in a matchup with Donald Trump when third parties are introduced.

The super PAC has created an entire website listing the most radical things that RFK Jr. has ever tried to accomplish, such as "Reparations!" and "Gun Confiscation!"

The website is aimed at conservatives looking for an alternative to Trump who don't realize how dangerous it really could be to vote for somebody else.

Do you think it will work?