Trump seen as strongest Republican candidate for 2024 nomination

By Jen Krausz on
 July 15, 2023

There was one important statistic in the latest YouGov/Economist poll that shows where the Republican party stands right now regarding former President Donald Trump.

According to the poll, 55% of Republicans think Trump is the strongest candidate Republicans could nominate for president in 2024.

This may be why 52% of Republicans said they will probably vote for Trump in their state's primary. Even looking at Republican-leading independents, 48% said they want Trump (although that's down three points from last month).

It may also be why Trump's closest competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is only at 22%, even with independent-leaners (although that's up one point over last month).

If nothing major changes before the primaries, it looks like Trump will run away with the primaries, even though he may end up far more damaged than he already has been with two ridiculous impeachments and two indictments on his record.

His supporters think it's all politically motivated nonsense and want him to pick up where he left off in 2020 when the economy was great (pre-COVID) and taxes were low.