Gutfeld Says Trump Indictments Are 'All Bullshit'

 August 17, 2023

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld has an opinion about the indictments that Donald Trump is currently facing, and many lovers of common sense will agree with him.

Gutfeld's analysis of the indictments is very simple:

"It's all bullshit."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

According to Gutfeld, Trump "doesn't deserve any of this."

Gutfeld made his comments while responding to Harold Ford Jr. on Fox News.

Ford was discussing why Trump will not be able to get out of the charges by using the excuse that he's running for office.

"Once you exhaust the legal avenues — and in the state of Georgia, you’ll remember, they counted those votes three times. They counted them the night of, they then counted again using the machines, and they counted a manual count, which President Trump had every right to ask for," Ford Jr. said. "Now, the fact that President Trump is running for president, should that be some protection? He chose to run for president. So, it’s not as if, if that becomes a defense, if you are being charged, or you are being the target of an investigation, all you gotta do is run for president. And say, 'You know what? You’re going to get in the middle of my campaign if you do.'"

It was at this point that Gutfeld couldn't take it anymore.

"You don’t think this is totally over the top?" Gutfeld bellowed. He continued:

Everything you say makes sense except it’s all bullshit! It’s all nonstop. We know this is designed to banish and isolate and destroy a political outsider who predicted this. Chuck Schumer, remember, he said ‘Don’t mess with intel agencies, don’t mess with the intel agencies, they will arrest your team and keep it off the field!'

"Trump is probably one of the most troubling, consequential figures in history. But, no, he doesn’t deserve any of this," Gutfeld concluded.