Trump says 'Rinos, Neo-Cons, and Globalists' of Old GOP are gone from the party and 'never' coming back

By Jen Krausz on
 April 22, 2023

When former President Donald Trump addressed Lee County, Florida at a Republican dinner Friday night, he said, “The old Republican Party of RINOs, Neo-cons, and Globalists is GONE—and it is NEVER coming back.”

“To put it simply, on Election Day 2016, we didn’t just save America—we SAVED the Republican Party,” Trump claimed.

Trump has been racking up endorsements in Florida among elected officials and other leaders even though the state's governor Ron DeSantis is expected to throw his hat in the ring for 2024 as well.

He didn't mention DeSantis's name during the speech, but he did contradict his campaign when he referred to Florida as a "great place" during the speech.

Earlier the same day, spokesman Steven Cheung said that Florida was becoming one of the "worst" states under DeSantis's leadership.

“The real DeSantis record is one of misery and despair,” Cheung said. “He has left a wake of destruction all across Florida and people are hurting because he has spent more time playing public relations games instead of actually doing the hard work needed to improve the lives of the people he represents.”