Trump Says Kamala Harris 'Speaks In Rhyme, It's Weird'

 August 25, 2023

A lot of things happened during former President Donald Trump's 45 minutes on Twitter with Tucker Carlson.

Was everything Trump said false?

Absolutely not.

Was everything Trump said true?

I'm not sure.

Was everything Trump said entertaining?


My favorite bit of chaos was when Trump accused Kamala Harris of speaking in rhyme and then impersonated her. During his impression, he didn't rhyme once. So, while it was confusing, it was also entertaining.

I think that the word Trump was looking for was something like "rhythm" or "cadence."

"She has some bad moments, they are almost as bad as Biden's," Trump said. "She speaks in rhyme; it’s weird. It’s weird."

"In rhyme?" Carlson laughed.

Trump responded by saying, "Well, the way she talks: 'the bus will go here, and then the bus will go there because that’s what buses do.' It’s weird. The whole thing is weird. This is not a president of the United States’ future."