Trump Says It's 'Sort Of Foolish' For Him To Attend Debate On 'Hostile Network'

 August 4, 2023

Recently, Fox News President Jay Wallace and Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott showed up for dinner with Donald Trump at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

They were there trying to convince the former president to participate in the first Republican debate, which is being hosted by the network.

The dinner actually took place soon after Trump was indicted for a third time.

Fox News couldn't wait though, its executives had to at least try to convince Trump to take part in the debate.

The reason they had to work so hard is evident in an exclusive video recently posted on Breitbart. You can watch it here.

Trump has been critical of the idea that he should attend the debate for a while now, even calling the idea that he would show up to the event "sort of foolish" or even "stupid."

Trump's comments came a week before Fox News brass showed up to convince him otherwise. He said:

I haven’t totally made a decision. I like the debates. I might be here because of the debates. I might have won against Hillary with the debates and I might have gotten the nomination because of the debates,” Trump said when asked if he has made his mind up about attending the debate. “But when you’re leading by 50 and 60 points against these people, and you have people at zero, and 1 and 2—and then they’re going to be asking me hostile questions and they probably won’t have much of an audience if I’m not in the debates according to what I read. If I’m not in the debates, then they’re not going to have a very big audience. It seems almost like it would be foolish to do them.