Trump says he'll fix the country in 'six months'

By Jen Krausz on
 June 2, 2023

The latest volley has been tossed in the back-and-forth between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and former President Donald Trump, who now seem to be trying to one-up each other on a daily basis in their 2024 presidential primary campaigns.

During a campaign event in Iowa on Thursday, Trump told supporters he could fix everything that Biden has broken in six months, countering a narrative by DeSantis that it would take "a full two terms" to fix it all.

"I've been watching to DeSanctus go out and say, I've got eight years. It's going to be eight years. Let me tell you something — right there you should vote against him," Trump said, using one of his nicknames for DeSantis.

"It'll take me six months to have it totally the way it was. We'll have it fast," he insisted.

Trump's Iowa visit followed a day when DeSantis made four stops across the state, where the first caucuses are held to kick off the primary season for national elections.

"We have to dispense with the culture of losing that we’ve seen throughout the Republican Party," DeSantis told an audience in Council Bluffs, indirectly referencing key losses in Senate races where Trump endorsed a Republican candidate who did not win his race. He added, the party "should have 55 Republican senators right now, if we had played our cards right over the last few years."