Trump Says He'll Beat Federal Indictment

 June 22, 2023

Donald Trump thinks that if the deals Democrats are getting are any indication, then he's got nothing to worry about in his classified documents case.

After all, Bill Clinton took classified tapes from the White House and hid them in his sock drawer.

Hunter Biden's plea deal just a few days ago means that the president's son is going to get off pretty lightly.

If you were to ask Trump, he'd say that all of this adds up to him not only walking free but becoming America's president once again.

Not only that, it's Joe Biden that's scamming the American people, not Trump, who said:

There should be equal time for Joe Biden as well. There should be a camera on Joe Biden 24-7. The American people deserve to know just how terribly he’s doing.

What do you think? Is Joe Biden more likely to face consequences for his bribery scheme? Or is Trump more likely to be the one behind bars? Let us know in the comments below.