Trump Says God Is Behind America's Many Victories...

November 8, 2022

Donald Trump has one heck of an interesting relationship with God.

Just listen to an answer he once gave about asking forgiveness from God.


Donald's faith has come up in politics yet again though, and like always, it's front-page news.

He claims that "we have seen the fingerprint of 'Almighty' God in all of our triumphs in the United States," and told Americans to be “guided by the same faith in the Almighty that guided our forefathers through America’s troubled times."

Regardless of how big of a role Christianity plays in his Trump's own life, Jesus would be thrilled about his name being spread in a positive light.

"When I first thought about running for president, it was because I saw the America that I knew and loved was slowly wasting away and now it’s wasting away at a level that nobody’s ever seen before," Trump began.

"Part of the reason that I’m so dedicated to the faith community is because I truly believe that they have always been the very backbone of what makes our country great," Trump concluded. "When you look back on our history, you can see the fingerprints of the Almighty on all of our national triumphs."

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