Trump Says Fox News Losing Viewers

 June 21, 2023

Donald Trump certainly had an interesting interview on Fox News recently.

There were tons of tense moments between America's former president and host Bret Baier.

Many Americans applauded the way Baier did not just toss Trump softballs and let him off easy. Despite Fox News being considered a conservative outlet, Trump was going to have to give his answers fair and square.

One such tense moment resulted in Trump asserting that Fox News is losing viewers because the network is engaging in the same "political witch hunt" against Donald as America's liberals.

"You are facing a number of potential charges in other cases. You said all of which are political witch hunts," Baier said.

Trump responded that of course that was the case.

"What do you say to the voter who really liked many of your policies, but they can’t handle the scandals or the controversies or the name-calling and the vitriol? What do you say to that voter who’s worried that all leads to a general election loss?" Baier asked.

Trump responded, "Based on the polls, I’m leading Biden by a lot. Based on the polls, I’m leading all of the Republicans by a lot, by 40 points and more. Right now, I have the best polls I’ve ever had. People see this stuff for what it is. It’s a political witch hunt."

"More independent voters watch Fox News than any other TV source," Baier responded.

"A lot less than used to watch it," Trump retorted. "A lot less."

Baier concluded, "Those voters usually, they usually make up all the difference in the election."