Trump Says Anyone Running For Presidency Should Take Competency Test

 February 23, 2023

The 45th President of the United States of America recently publicly claimed that anyone running for America's presidency should be forced to take a competency test.

This could be a shot at liberals who are getting elected despite not being all there mentally. It also could be referring to Nikki Haley, who has been being attacked by liberals like Don Lemon and Whoopi Goldberg about her age. despite only being 51 years old.

Donald Trump didn't mention them by name, but it's pretty clear that this is aimed at people like John Fetterman and Joe Biden who seem to be struggling mentally in office.

Joe Biden isn't getting much correct these days, and his public speaking mishaps and bike crashes are getting pretty embarrassing.

Fetterman spent his entire campaign saying he was healthy enough to serve, then immediately checked himself in to the hospital almost as soon as his term began.

Liberals will lie about ANYTHING.

Even their health.