Trump says 2024 election is 'last great chance' to reclaim the country

Former President Donald Trump used America's birthday to hype up his presidential campaign, but not in the way you'd expect.

There was no fanfare or rallies like Americans have come to expect from Trump on days like July 4.

Instead, Trump celebrated the day by warning that the 2024 election presents the last serious opportunity to realize his agenda.

"Happy FOURTH OF JULY to everyone. We are working hard, we will take back our Country, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. The 2024 Election is our LAST GREAT CHANCE!" he posted on his social media platform Truth Social.

Trump did not make any campaign appearances on Independence Day. He campaigned in Pennsylvania and South Carolina over the weekend prior to July 4, but he did not have any plans for the official holiday.

Trump did not campaign on Independence Day, but his Republican rivals did hit the pavement to boost their campaigns.

Early in the day on July 4, Trump posted a meme criticizing President Joe Biden.

"81 million votes.... and I've never seen a pro Biden hat, shirt or flag in my life," the meme reads with an attached photos of a flag insulting Biden and his supporters.

Trump reshared the meme, commenting "True: No Biden hats anywhere. Never seen one!"

"He also shared a meme likening a Biden campaign ad to a dementia commercial, an image of the White House in flames with the caption 'Trump was right,' and myriad other pro-Trump and anti-Biden content," reported JustTheNews.