Trump reveals truth behind secret JFK documents

 June 22, 2024

The TRUTH about JFK's assassination documents is finally out, and it's none other than DONALD TRUMP who broke the news to America.

You may remember that at one point during his presidency, Trump promised the citizenry that we would finally see the official government documents explaining what actually happened on the day that America's most recent presidential assassination happened.

Instead of the answers to all of our questions though, we only got a small set of heavily censored documents that didn't really answer any questions.

Recently, Trump was asked to speak about this massive disappointment, and he was quick to point out that the blame shouldn't rest with him.

Trump contends that he WANTED to release "the files surrounding the assassination of President John F Kennedy," but the CIA stopped him from releasing the information.

If Trump wins the presidency again, however, he's making another promise. Regardless of what the CIA says, Trump promises that he's "just going to do it" when he's America's president again.

Only time will tell if this is another lie or not.

Let's hope Trump is being honest this time.