Trump Reacts To Biden's Latest Fall: 'That's not inspiring'

A good president needs to be able to inspire his or her nation to unite together behind common goals and shared causes.

Joe Biden tried to do that recently at the United States Air Force commencement ceremony, and former president Donald Trump's response should tell you exactly how many people across America were proud of Biden's behavior.

"That's not inspiring," Trump said.

Trump was in Iowa when he was told that Biden fell down yet again. It appeared to be Trump's first time hearing the news, and his first reaction was to say that he hoped Joe was okay.

His second was to point out that Joe Biden isn't exactly inspiring Americans these days, saying:

He actually fell down? Well, I hope he wasn't hurt. The whole thing is crazy. You've got to be careful about that... even if you have to tiptoe down the ramp.

"That's a bad place to fall... that's not inspiring," Trump added.