Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade was held in contempt during 2023 divorce proceedings

 January 16, 2024

The Fulton County, Georgia-based case against former President Donald Trump has taken a few bizarre twists in recent weeks.

According to the Washington Examiner, Fulton County special prosecutor Nathan Wade, who was paid far too handsomely by Fulton County DA Fani Willis, was held in contempt last year over an issue with his divorce.

Wade reportedly "willfully" withheld crucial financial information during the divorce proceedings, according to court documents.

Making matters worse, Wade was put in charge of the case against the former president, despite having little experience in such cases, and was paid -- according to experts -- at a wage well above that of experts in the field.

Oh, and he was also accused of having inappropriate relations with Willis. That might explain the generous pay.

The Examiner noted:

Court filings obtained by the Washington Examiner showed Wade was held in contempt of court for “willfully” failing to turn over documents about his income, including income earned through prosecuting Trump. Former Trump campaign official Michael Roman claimed in a lawsuit that Wade has been paid $654,000 in legal fees by Fulton County since January 2022.

Wade was ordered last year through the process of discovery to turn over all appropriate financial documents, but reportedly failed to do so.

The Examiner added:

The judge later found on Aug. 17 that Wade still hadn’t complied. During the same week that the sweeping racketeering indictment came down against Trump and 18 co-defendants, the judge issued an order finding Wade in “willful contempt” of his directive.

According to Fox News, Willis has come under intense scrutiny for paying Wade significantly more than another attorney who has actual expertise in the type of case involving Trump.

Social media users reacted to the news of Wade's past, and his alleged romantic relationship with Willis.

"Charges should be filed against them both, this is clearly a sham of a investigation. They both should be disbarred," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Subpoena both of them as part of investigation into whether federal RICO needs to be amended to discourage conduct like this."

Only time will tell how the situation ultimately affects her case against the former president.