Trump Prosecutor Donated Thousands To Biden

 August 8, 2023

One of the prosecutors working on Special Counsel Jack Smith's case against Donald Trump is apparently a VERY political person.

David Rody is so political, in fact, that he has donated THOUSANDS of dollars to one party in recent years.

Any guesses on which party Rody has been paying to put in office?

It certainly wasn't Donald Trump's.

Unbelievably, a member of Jack Smith's team that's prosecuting Trump is an open and aggressive supporter of Joe Biden, having donated thousands to the current alone.

Rody has donated even more to other Democrats over the years.

Some of Rody's donations have been:

$2,500 to the Democratic National Committee.

$1,000 to Representative Dan Goldman, a Democrat in New York.

$5,600 to Joe Biden in 2020.

$500 to Kamala Harris in 2019.

$2,250 to Democrat Cory Booker in 2019.

What do you think? Should Rody be banned from participating in this case given his obvious personal bias against Donald Trump?

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