Trump Promises He Won't Be A Dictator 'Except For Day One'

 December 7, 2023

Former President Donald Trump just announced what he would do during the first day of his presidency if elected in 2024.

His plans have gone viral.

He sat down with FOX News host Sean Hannity and told everyone what to expect.

When Hannity asked Trump if he promised to never abuse the power of being president and act as a dictator if he was elected next November, Trump’s qualified denial left jaws on the floor.

“Except for day one,” Trump said.

Trump went on to say that on his first day in the White House, he had big plans with three main points:

1) Send John Kerry to prison.
2) Close the border.
3) Drill, drill, drill.

Donald Trump was always the president to get the job done. He put policies in place that bettered America and wasn’t worried about hurting feelings.

We have no doubt that he will, in fact, go down that list on his first day in office and start taking care of the trash left behind by the Biden administration.