Trump Predicted Saudi Golf Merger One Year Ago

America's PGA Tour simply wasn't giving its players a big enough cut of the profits its golf tournaments were generating

Players like Phil Mickelson warned the league that if they didn't start treating the players as nicely as they do the administrators, there would be consequences.

The PGA Tour told Phil and his friends to hit the bricks. There was nowhere else for them to play golf, so what incentive did the organization have to treat the players fairly?

That's when the LIV Golf tour burst onto the scene, snapping up the PGA's biggest stars with paychecks that dwarfed what the rival tour was offering.

Inevitably, the PGA Tour realized its mistake and recently bought back what it had lost to LIV Golf by joining forces.

The players who went to LIV Golf are getting huge payouts to come back to the PGA Tour.

And what is the PGA Tour giving to the players who refused to follow the Saudi blood money funding LIV Golf and stayed with the PGA Tour?

Absolutely nothing.

Donald Trump warned this exact scenario would happen just last year.