Trump only president to cut funding to Palestinians due to terror

October 13, 2023

One thing President Joe Biden hasn't done since 1,000 Hamas fighters crossed over from Gaza to attack Israeli civilians is to cut funding that could reward these fighters for their actions.

President Donald Trump was the only president to cut funding to the Palestinians because they were taking some of that money and paying off terrorists' families when they committed suicide in terrorist attacks.

The U.S. has been giving direct aid to the Palestinians since the 1990s, for a total of about $5 billion through 2018. Indirect aid of another $6 billion went to the Palestinians through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which solely helps Palestinian "refugees," although most of them have been missing for decades.

Trump cut both of these sources of aid when he was president when he signed the Taylor Force Act, which made it illegal to give money to the Palestinians until they stopped their policy of paying suicide bombers' families.

In 2020, Trump offered the Palestinians $50 billion in aid if they made peace with Israel, but they refused.

This should show what their true nature is, and the fact that Biden still continues to give them aid just means that the U.S. will be funding both sides of this war, which will only prolong it.

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