Trump on recent gag order: 'It will not stand'

November 1, 2023

Some of the judges overseeing former President Donald Trump's various indictments are seemingly doing everything they can to suppress him.

Trump, who isn't afraid to speak his mind and offer opinions about prosecutors, judges and other court staff on his Truth Social platform, was recently hit with a gag order by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan -- for the second time.

The former president, understandably, wasn't happy with the judge for reinstating the gag order, calling it an "unthinkable" attack on his First Amendment rights, Breitbart reported.

The judge had originally agreed to place a hold on the original gag order after Trump said he should be able to challenge its legitimacy in higher courts.

However, Trump's recent comments regarding his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, was enough for Chutkan to reinstate the gag order, which Breitbart reported was "narrow" in scope.

Trump held absolutely nothing back in his assessment of Chutkan and her most recent order.

"I have just learned that the very Biased, Trump-Hating Judge in D.C., who should have RECUSED herself due to her blatant and open loathing of your favorite President, ME, has reimposed a GAG ORDER which will put me at a disadvantage against my prosecutorial and political opponents," he wrote on Truth Social.

Trump added, "This order, according to many legal scholars, is unthinkable! It illegally and unconstitutionally takes away my First Amendment Right of Free Speech, in the middle of my campaign for President, where I am leading against BOTH Parties in the Polls," he continued.

That's when Trump made it known that the order "will not stand."

"Few can believe this is happening, but I will appeal. How can they tell the leading candidate that he, and only he, is seriously restricted from campaigning in a free and open manner? It will not stand!"

Chutkan has been sharply criticized over her handling of the case, which many believe to be biased.

It was noted that she's a two-time donor to former President Barack Obama's presidential campaigns.

Only time will tell if Trump tests the limits of the gag order and, if so, what Chutkan will do about it.