Trump Nears 60% National Support, Challengers In Single Digits

October 21, 2023

Donald Trump is absolutely CRUISING right now.

It appears as though there's almost zero chance that any Republican catches him in time to make a difference before the 2024 election.

After that, many people think that Donald Trump is going to absolutely destroy the Democratic nominee, especially if that person is Joe Biden.

A recent national poll from Emerson College proved it:

The poll showed the same man winning when it came to the general election as well:

"While the poll reflects voters under 30 breaking for Biden by significant margins in 2020, 45% of voters under 30 support Trump in 2024 in this survey while 43% support Biden," Emerson College Polling Executive Director Spencer Kimball said. "These voters are most likely to be undecided among all age groups, at 12%."

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