Trump Mugshot Unites America

 August 26, 2023

Democrats have shown how far they are willing to go.

They are ready to use every single ounce of America's government to make sure that their enemies don't have a fair chance to compete against them.

Donald Trump's mugshot is proof of that. It's rallying conservatives behind him, and liberals against him.

Perhaps that's why Trump came out of Twitter retirement to make his first post in over two years on the platform now known as X.

It really is disgusting what Democrats are willing to do to make sure that Trump faces as much opposition as possible.

They know that Trump would absolutely clobber Joe Biden in a fair and square rematch, so they're doing everything they can to obstruct him.

The question now is, how long are Republicans going to let them get away with it?

It's safe to say that the need to act soon, before it ends up being too late.