Trump moves to dismiss classified documents case

 May 23, 2024

Donald Trump is getting sick and tired of the witch hunt that liberal America is using federal resources to carry out against him.

He's said many times that the allegations against him are completely baseless, and a huge percentage of Americans agree with him.

That's because America is fully aware that liberals aren't REALLY trying to put Donald Trump in jail.

If that happens, then fine. Their real goal is to simply make the 2024 election impossible for Trump to win.

One of the ways they thought they could do that was to either put him behind bars or simply tie up all of his time, money, and energy in a courtroom.

As a result, Trump wants the classified documents case he's currently facing to be dismissed.

Trump is alleging that the only way somebody could conceivably charge him with a crime was by engaging in "bad faith collusion," a claim that the prosecution immediately refuted.

The former president just may have a leg to stand on, as his team is claiming that there was a due process violation related to the 15 boxes of evidence that the FBI seized from his house.

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