Trump mocks DeSantis immigration policy, saying it's just a copy of his

By Jen Krausz on
 June 28, 2023

Former President Donald Trump mocked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday after DeSantis rolled out his immigration policy on the Texas border at Eagle Pass, saying that he had already done all the things his rival was now pledging to do.

DeSantis said he would finish the wall and put more restrictions on sanctuary cities, two things Trump didn't really do when he was in office, but that didn't stop the former president from basically calling him a copycat.

“DeSanctimonious showed up today in Eagle Pass, on the Texas Border, with almost no crowd or excitement,” Trump posted on Truth Social, calling DeSantis a “failed candidate, whose sole purpose in making the trip was to reiterate the fact that he would do all of the things done by me in creating the strongest Border, by far, in U.S. history.”

“A total waste of time!” he exclaimed.

But even if DeSantis did do exactly what Trump did as president to curtail illegal immigration, the difference between the two candidates is that DeSantis is not under two different criminal indictments and does not spend most of his time lambasting enemies on social media, even when they are fellow Republicans.

Unfortunately, Trump is still getting most of the GOP support, even though he is a much weaker candidate now than in 2015-16 when he ran the first time, even without the indictments.