Trump Makes Case To Avoid $370M In Fines

 January 6, 2024

Liberals may think that if Trump could avoid severe sanctions -- such as the loss of his ability to do business in New York -- as a result of a courtroom defeat, he'd be willing to give them almost whatever they want in return.

That seems to include things like money.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, recently tried to claim that Trump should be forced to pay $370 MILLION in penalties related to her civil case against him in the Empire State.

That's quite a difference from the $250 million in penalties that had been proposed at the start of that trial.

Perhaps liberals were expecting Trump to just bend over and take the fines and be thankful that it's only money.

But Trump's not going to do it.

Fair is fair, and justice is justice.

If paying absurd fees simply in order to retain his business certificates isn't right, then Donald Trump doesn't want to do it.

Trump has been making the case to avoid paying so much, which hopefully means that he will have money and energy left over to make sure he beats Biden in 2024.

Good luck, Donald. We're counting on you.