Trump Leads In Florida By Biggest Margin Yet

 April 12, 2023

It really is surprising just how much the tables have turned since the midterm elections in October.

Ron DeSantis was the darling of the GOP, winning reelection in a landslide. Donald Trump, however, did not see his endorsements do nearly as well as he would have wanted.

Since then Donald Trump has had a falling out with Melania, been indicted on felony charges, and been accused of removing classified documents from the White House. He's also COMPLETELY flipped the script and taken DeSantis' place as the number one Republican in the country.

Among Republicans, 55% of them supported Donald Trump last week. His rating has gone up to 56% since then. Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis is seeing his momentum go in the opposite direction. Just 23% of Republicans are choosing Ron DeSantis as their Republican pick this week. Last week, that number was 26%.

Not only is Trump beating Ron DeSantis across America...

He's DOUBLING the amount of support Ron DeSantis receives.

Like it or not, Donald Trump is back.