Trump Leads GOP Primary Field By 31 Points: Poll

 May 25, 2023

Poor Ron DeSantis. When even Joe Biden is making fun of the Florida governor's presidential announcement, you know it didn't go the way the DeSantis campaign would have liked.

Just after DeSantis' Twitter Spaces conference suffered multiple technical difficulties, Biden tweeted out an insult toward the GOP candidate while simultaneously begging for money.

DeSantis and the other Republicans in the field need to start making up some serious ground soon if they're going to catch former President Donald Trump in the primary polls, and I don't know if a bug-riddled launch was a good way to do it.

Senator Tim Scott recently asserted that this is NOT a two-man race between DeSantis and Trump, because Scott himself is going to be the right choice for America.

Scott might be right that it's not a two-horse race, because as of right now, Trump might as well be running unopposed.

He's leading the second-place candidate (DeSantis) by a whopping 31 percentage points.

What do you think? Will other Republicans catch some momentum and at least make this a close race, or is Trump going to run away with it? Let us know in the comments below.