Trump Leads Biden By 21 Points In Montana

 October 19, 2023

If you were concerned about former President Donald Trump's chances of beating President Joe Biden in Montana in 2024, I have two words for you:

Don't be.

The latest Emerson College Poll shows that 49% of voters in Montana support Trump. Joe Biden is only supported at a paltry 28%.

Biden's horrific approval rating in the Treasure State could have offered a clue that this race is NOT one that's going to be won by Biden.

Old Joe carries just a 22% approval rate amongst all people from Montana who participated in the survey.

Biden simply doesn't care about places like Montana; he doesn't have time for those people.

The current president is focused on pleasing his preferred constituencies in America's big cities.

He's also focused on getting enough illegal immigrants into America that they might tip the scale come election day.

Whichever strategy Biden decides to follow through to the end, one thing is true regardless:

Old Joe is FINISHED.