Decline in Support for Ron DeSantis in New Hampshire GOP Primary: Trump Leads as Others Gain Ground

 July 31, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has seen a decline in support in the New Hampshire Republican primary, as per a recent survey.

The governor has seen his popularity diminish, according to the newest American Greatness/National Research Inc. survey. His support dropped to 11 percent, marking a notable downturn for DeSantis, who has been a significant player in the Republican party.

Further details on the study, as well as implications, are available at Breitbart.

Trump Emerges as Frontrunner in the New Hampshire GOP Primary

Ex-President Donald Trump has emerged as the frontrunner in the contest. The survey indicates that Trump enjoys 41 percent support among respondents. This is a small but important increase from the 39 percent he secured in the previous survey conducted in mid-July.

The dynamics between Trump and DeSantis changed significantly over a fortnight. Trump's lead over DeSantis has surged from a 24 percent margin to a 30 percent gap, indicating a growing preference for Trump among the Republican voters.

The changes don't end with Trump and DeSantis, though. Other contenders in the race also showed shifts in their popularity.

Other Contenders Gaining Ground in the Primary

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came in third place in the survey. They secured eight percent support, trailing DeSantis by just three points. This represents a two-point increase for Scott and a one-point rise for Christie from the previous poll.

Vivek Ramaswamy, the anti-woke businessman, was two points behind. He garnered six percent support, showing an improvement from four percent in the last survey.

The following participants also saw varying levels of support.

Support Distributed Among Several Candidates

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum secured five percent of the support. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley received three percent. Former Vice President Mike Pence and former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson trailed with two and one percent support, respectively.

There is also a significant portion of the electorate that remains undecided. Fifteen percent of the respondents, to be exact, have yet to make up their minds.

The survey revealed more about the voters' preferences, especially regarding Trump and DeSantis.

Trump Leads DeSantis in Several Key Metrics

Trump leads DeSantis not just in overall support but also in specific areas, according to the survey. The former president has a 23-point advantage over DeSantis in terms of empathy towards Republican voters. Trump also outperforms DeSantis by 14 points on the measure of having the best chance to beat Joe Biden.

Additionally, Trump leads as the best candidate to improve the economy, with 55 percent support. DeSantis trails far behind with only ten percent. The former president also emerges as the strongest candidate to oppose far-left progressives, with 44 percent support to DeSantis's 19 percent.

Survey Details and Additional Findings

The survey was conducted on July 25-26, 2023. It included 500 likely New Hampshire GOP primary voters. The margin of error for this survey is +/- 4.38 percent.

An American Pulse survey released this month also found Trump leading the GOP primary field in the Granite State. He holds a 37-point lead, with 48 percent support to DeSantis's 11 percent.

Following the survey, there was an interesting development in the DeSantis campaign.

DeSantis Campaign Reveals Plans to Reorganize

Following the decline in the governor's support, a memo from the DeSantis campaign was leaked. This memo, referred to as a "confidential friends and family update," outlined the campaign's plans for reorganization.

The DeSantis campaign said:

"From what we can tell, pro-DeSantis efforts are currently and will continue to run a robust effort in Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire, that includes paid media and field."

They emphasized focusing on New Hampshire in their strategy. The campaign also recently laid off several staff members in an attempt to streamline operations.

To recap:

- Trump leads the New Hampshire GOP primary with 41 percent support.
- DeSantis' support dropped to 11 percent.
- Other candidates such as Scott, Christie, Ramaswamy, Burgum, Haley, Pence, and Hutchinson secured varying levels of support.
- Fifteen percent of respondents remain undecided.
- Trump enjoys a significant advantage over DeSantis on empathy towards Republican voters, chance of beating Biden, improving the economy, and opposing far-left progressives.
- The DeSantis campaign is planning a revamp with a focus on New Hampshire.