Trump Leading Biden Despite Engoron's Efforts To Discredit Donald

November 8, 2023

Despite all of the liberal attempts to use America's judicial system to destroy former President Donald Trump, the complete opposite seems to be happening.

Trump is more popular than ever.

That's because all of these court cases and indictments don't make Trump look like a liar, they make him look like the only person who's been telling the truth the whole time.

He told us there was a witch hunt going on against him.

Many of us didn't believe him at first.

Now, he has proof.

With each new bogus charge liberals bring against him, Trump is actually GAINING support, not losing it. We know that the charges against him are bogus and politically motivated.

No matter how much people like Joe Biden, Arthur Engeron, and Jack Smith want to keep Trump down, the truth will come out eventually.

Looks like America trusts Donald's truth right now. The same can't be said for the evil liberals in America.

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