Trump Lead Grows In Wake Of Latest Indictment

 June 27, 2023

They just can't kill him.

Whatever lies they tell, whatever mental gymnastics they do, whatever legal tricks they utilize...

It simply doesn't matter.

Donald Trump is not going away.

In fact, his lead is growing.

A new NBC News poll indicates that an amazing 51% of Republicans would vote for Trump if the primaries were held today.

That isn't in just an individual matchup against one other candidate, either.

That's the number of people who would rather have Trump take the GOP nod over ANYONE else.

If that doesn't give you a true indication of how popular this man really is and how many millions of people support him, then I don't know what to tell you. You're simply not looking at the facts.

Trump is as popular now as he's ever been.

That makes him as dangerous as he's ever been.

What do you think about Trump's poll numbers after his most recent indictment?

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