Trump lays out his vision of America should he win in 2024

 August 7, 2023

Former President Donald Trump is in full 2024 campaign powerhouse mode.

He's dominating the polls, staying far above the negative press coverage from the legacy media, putting on massive rallies, and laying out comprehensive policy visions for his administration, should he win the 2024 election.

In an exclusive Breitbart interview, the former president provided a preview of what America could look like under a second Trump administration, pushing the message that America's demise is all but certain under the current leadership.

Trump told Breitbart he often experiences voters approaching him "crying," begging him to help get America back on track.

"I hope so for the country or we’re going to have a country that’s finished," Trump said when asked if he thinks he'll win. "I have people coming up to me all the time crying — men, women, strong people, smart people — and they’re crying say ‘if you don’t win, sir, our country is finished. Our country is finished.’ I believe it."

One of the most important topics of the 2024 election will undoubtedly be the current state of the economy, which under President Joe Biden's time in office, has been an absolute disaster.

Trump vowed that on Day One of his second term in the White House, he'll "create the greatest economy ever, in history."

"You know, we had the greatest economy in history,” Trump said. “We’re going to do it again. Our jobs numbers, our employment numbers, we had the greatest economy in the history of the world frankly — and we’re going to do that again. But we’re going to be drilling for energy. We’re going to be using what’s under our feet — liquid gold. Then we’re going to start paying off debt and reducing taxes.”

Of course, no discussion about Biden's economy, now or anytime in the future, will be complete without discussing the record inflation that occurred on his watch. Trump used the subject to talk about energy policy, which he says plays a critical role in inflation.

"Inflation was caused by energy to start off with,” Trump said.

He added, “Now, it’s caused by everything — but it was caused by energy. We’re going to be drilling. We have more liquid gold than anybody. We’re going to make a fortune on that. We’re going to get energy way, way down in this country. That means your electric bills, your heating bills, your gasoline — everything is going to come way down. Inflation is going to go away. We had no inflation. We had virtually no inflation. We had the perfect number, actually-perfect number."

The former president also touched on the crisis-level illegal immigration situation that continues to worsen at the southern U.S. border. Trump's policies to mitigate the situation were widely praised. Trump insisted that it'll be up to him to "take back our country."

"I think that the election is going very well for me, and I think you’d agree with that, Matt — I’ve known you a long time — but it’s going well for me. I’m up by 40 and 50 points and sometimes more than that,” Trump said. “And I’m up on Biden and we have to take back our country.

Trump continues to dominate national and state-level polling, with his competitors far behind in most polls.