Trump Lawyers Have Surprise Up Their Sleeve - Here's What We Know

 April 3, 2023

Former President Donald Trump's legal team has said it will not file a motion to dismiss criminal charges against him in court this week.

The indictment against Trump came last week, and this week, he faces an arraignment hearing in Manhattan.

"Joe Tacopina said filing a motion to dismiss or doing any action before they have seen the charges, related to an alleged hush money payment in 2016, would be 'showmanship,'" reported the Washington Examiner.

"No, we’re not doing anything at the arraignment because that would be showmanship and nothing more because we haven’t even seen the indictment yet," Tacopina said. "You know, we will take the indictment. We will dissect it. The team will look at every potential issue that we will be able to challenge, and we will challenge and of course, I very much anticipate a motion to dismiss coming because there’s no law that fits this."

Details of the indictment of Trump will be sealed until he appears at the arraignment hearing.

"Well, I just said we have to get the indictment, and then we will evaluate every single legal maneuver. I have no issue with this judge whatsoever," Tacopina said.

"But my client has a right to have an issue with everything," Tacopina continued. "He’s been politically persecuted. Make no mistake about that, whether you sit on the right or the left or you're a supporter or a detractor of Donald Trump. This should really bother you. This should really shape the core of what we believe our justice system should be about."