Trump lawyers ask for new trial in E. Jean Carroll case, saying damages were 'grossly excessive'

By Jen Krausz on
 June 9, 2023

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump filed on Thursday asking for a new trial in the E. Jean Carroll defamation and rape case, arguing that the damages awarded were "grossly excessive."

The lawyers contended that the jury found Trump "sexually abused" rather than raped Carroll, a vague term that could mean something as minor as groping through clothing.

The jury awarded Carroll $2 million for that charge, and the lawyers argued it was excessive since Carroll did not have any diagnosed mental illness or other effect from what the jury thought happened.

As for the other $3 million for the defamation charge, the lawyers said that was based on "speculation" because of Trump's denials of the charges.

Carroll is also suing Trump again for what he said after the verdict came out.

It's one of three current legal entanglements for Trump, including two indictments on criminal matters.