Trump Jr. Wants Media Cartel Bill Stripped

December 7, 2022

Donald Trump Jr. saw how unfairly the media treated his father in 2020. In fact, their bias against the Trumps probably cost the former president the 2020 election.

Now, liberals in America are trying to give the media even more unchecked power.

According to Trump Jr., the media cartel bill current under consideration would completely destroy alternative outlets and put the power back into the hands of only a few big boys.

We want to make our own choices about the news we read. We don't want it selected by CNN, Google, and Twitter as it was leading up to the 2020 election.

Had places like Facebook and The New York Times actually reported fairly on Hunter Biden's laptop, many Republicans are certain that we never would have seen a Biden presidency. The world would have seen what a vile man Biden raised and realized that if Biden can't even lead his own family, he might not be fit to lead an entire country.

He wasn't then, he isn't now, and the nation is suffering the consequences.