Trump Jr slams DeSantis for hesitating on support of father if convicted

August 28, 2023

Donald Trump Jr. on Saturday slammed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to Breitbart, saying, "I think it's over" because DeSantis hesitated when asked whether he would continue to support former President Donald Trump even if he were convicted of a crime.

“Ron’s not capable of making a decision,” Donald Trump Jr. asserted. “He was looking for his donors, or maybe he was looking for his consultant, Jeff Roe, who’s made $50 million off of him this cycle just racking up money. They’re not going to do anything different.”

“He couldn’t answer the most basic question or read the room. He had to look around and see what people are doing," Trump Jr added.

Trump has been indicted four times since March and stands a decent chance of being convicted on something due to some jury pools being in liberal areas.

DeSantis was the fifth candidate on the stage to raise his hand when asked whether he would still support Trump if convicted, and he noticeably looked around at the other candidates before raising his hand.

Of course, he would be the candidate most likely to benefit if Trump were seriously weakened before the election, so it would be in his interest to encourage voters not to keep supporting Trump in that case.

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