Trump Jr. says Biden gave Putin 'every excuse' to invade Ukraine

By Jen Krausz on
 December 11, 2023

Donald Trump Jr. said on Breitbart News on Saturday that the Biden administration gave Russian President Vladimir Putin "every excuse" to invade Ukraine.

Trump Jr. also said there was "a reason" nothing like that ever happened during his father's time as president.

“We started all of this,” he said of Biden's actions to encourage Putin's aggression. “I imagine it would not have happened had we not been having these talks about expanding NATO and getting rid of that buffer zone and all of this. I mean, we gave him every, literally, every excuse he needed to do what he did. I’m not defending him or saying he’s a nice guy, but we made that happen, and no one even talks about it," he said.

Breitbart's Alex Marlow pointed to a 2021 meeting between Biden and Putin in which Biden talked about bringing Ukraine into NATO and giving them tens of billions of dollars in weapons as one of the tipping points that encouraged Putin's invasion.

Biden's stance on the Nordstream II Pipeline also showed weakness and sent a message to Putin that Biden didn't have the backbone to stop him from doing what he wanted.