Trump Jr. Demands China Scandal Against Americans Come To An End...

 March 8, 2023

Donald Trump Jr. is demanding anti-China regulations be placed on all social media platforms in America in an effort to protect Americans' private information.

The regulations would ensure that Americans' private data does not end up in the hands of the Chinese government.

"Trump Jr. said that any solution seeking to address privacy concerns surrounding TikTok should also 'address national security issues with all of these social media companies who let their data flow through China,'" reports Breitbart.

"Data security and privacy laws in the U.S. aren’t cutting it right now," Trump Jr. said. "I’m all for addressing those issues with TikTok, but we’ve also got to look at some of these other companies who are very happy to let TikTok be the punching bag to keep themselves out of the line of fire. So members of Congress need to broaden the way they’re looking at this stuff if we’re going to really solve the problem."

"While we’re going hardcore on TikTok regulations, how about NO American data flowing through China for ANY social media company?! No letting Facebook, IG, Twitter or anyone else off the hook for data security and privacy in whatever ends up happening," Trump Jr. added.

Trump Jr.’s comments come as the House Foreign Affairs Committee recently pushed forward a bill that would allow President Joe Biden to ban Tik Tok in the United States.

The bill is sponsored by committee chairman Republican Michael McCaul of Texas.

Democrat senator and chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, is also considering proposing a bill that would ban Tik Tok in the United States by addressing a broader "category of applications."

"I’m moving toward legislation that would create a ban, but how you do this is going to be really important," Warner said.

Warner has concerns about targeting only one app.

"It’d be better to say we are concerned about this category of applications rather than a specific single app," Warner added.