Trump Jr.: Biden Using TikTok As 'Scapegoat'

 March 18, 2023

Donald Trump Jr. is pretty sure that if it were HIS family being found with highly unethical ties to China, there would be wall-to-wall coverage of the investigations. I tend to agree.

However, it's not the Trump family. It's the Biden family, which is why the lamestream media has been working so hard to play down our leader's ties to communist China.

"Biden is getting smoked by China everywhere that matters, and now we find out that Hunter Biden, Hallie Biden and no-telling-what-other Bidens got over $1 million from some supposed Chinese business ventures," Trump Jr. said. "So, his handlers are like, ‘We’ve got to come up with a way to seem like we’re tough on China. Oh, we’ve got it, sir. There’s an app where kids record dances; we should ban it.’"

Trump Jr. said that he is "all for making sure China isn’t influencing Americans and stealing our data," so it's not like he's upset Biden is targeting TikTok.

He's just upset that Joe is using it as a distraction.

The Biden family has been in bed with China for a while. No amount of regulation on TikTok will change that.