Trump joins motion to have DA Willis' case against him dismissed

 January 27, 2024

Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis hasn't had a great start to 2024, and the hits seem to keep coming.

In the wake of bombshell accusations that she had an inappropriate romantic relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade, many believe her case against former President Donald Trump could fall apart.

According to ABC News, Trump recently joined a motion seeking to have the case and all charges against him in Georgia thrown out.

Trump's legal team reportedly joined a request from co-defendant Mike Roman, which seeks to have the case quashed altogether, marking a major setback for Willis and everyone involved.

Willis is accused of having a romantic and financially inappropriate relationship with Wade, with the evidence revealing that the two benefitted financially from the relationship.

The accusations came as Wade was going through a divorce. Discovery in the divorce revealed that Wade bought several expensive trips that reportedly included Willis.

Willis is accused of paying Wade significantly more than other, much more experienced prosecutors on the case.

"President Trump moves the Court to adopt and supplement the above-titled motion filed by co-defendant Roman on January 8, 2024, which alleged, among other misconduct, that an improper intimate personal relationship existed between Special Prosecutor Wade and District Attorney (DA) Willis, that Wade has been paid over $650,000 by the DA, and that taxpayer monies were used by Wade to take the DA on lavish vacations," Trump's lawyers wrote this week.

Trump's lawyers also took issue with a recent speech Willis gave at Big Bethel AME Church, where she played the race card. The former president's attorneys accused her of having "inappropriately injected race into the case and stoked racial animus."

They added, "DA Willis gave a keynote speech at Atlanta’s historic Black church, Big Bethel AME Church, a speech wherein, without mentioning the alleged affair or even trying to put her alleged malfeasance in context, she repeatedly and inappropriately injected race into the case and stoked racial animus by, among other statements, asking God why the defendants were questioning her conduct in hiring a Black man but not his White counterparts, and why the judgment of a Black female Democrat wasn’t as good as White male Republicans."

Social media users reacted to the news of Trump joining the motion to dismiss the case.

"As well she should be held accountable. And should be criminally indicted as well," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Excellent news. Fani Willis deserves nothing less than prison time."