Nigel Farage: Trump Indictment Is An 'Appalling Abuse Of Power'

 April 1, 2023

In case you're wondering what Brexit champion Nigel Farage thinks about the recent indictment of Donald Trump in New York, you don't have to wait long.

His response was short, to the point, and correct.

It is an "appalling abuse of power."

"Donald Trump will gain more support from this appalling abuse of power," the full statement read.

See, we AREN'T CRAZY. While liberals want to pretend that only racists and sexists would ever support Donald Trump and that his fans should be in jail, it simply isn't true.

We're normal and rational people from all walks of life who know that Donald Trump isn't perfect, but the corruption that America's left has been putting forth for YEARS simply won't work any longer.

We need somebody who will fight for normal people like us, and it's pissing the liberals right off.

That's why they're willing to go to illegal lengths to stop Donald Trump. It's not going to work though; it's only going to make Donald stronger.

Just ask Nigel Farage.