Trump: I'd Strike Ukraine/Russia Peace Deal 'Within 24 Hours'

 March 2, 2023

Even for Donald Trump, this is bold.

According to the former president, if he somehow found himself in the White House right now, the war between Russia and Ukraine would be ended "within 24 hours."

I've seen Donald do some incredible things in the past though, so who knows what he's capable of.

On top of that, Trump said that the war wouldn't even have happened in the first place if he was in charge of America, asserting:

Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if I were in the White House, and what’s going on there is a horror show.

Trump is also claiming that the number of deaths occurring from this war are being wildly underreported, saying:

Those cities are being leveled, I mean, they’re being leveled. I’ve looked photos and aerials of cities where there’s not a building standing, and then they’ll say two people were injured – no many, many people are being killed.