Trump: I Would End Ukraine War In 24 Hours

 May 5, 2023

If anyone could do it, it just might be former President Donald Trump. Even for the former star of The Apprentice though, this is quite a claim:

I will end that war in one day, it will take 24 hours.

Trump was of course referring to the conflict currently raging between Russia and Ukraine.

"That war has to stop, I will end that war in one day. It will take 24 hours," Trump claimed. "I know Zelensky well, I know Putin well, I would get that ended in a period of one day."

When asked if he was sure, Trump doubled down:

One hundred percent. It would be easy. That deal would be easy.

One of the reasons that Trump is so eager to stop the fighting is because he doesn't think that the governments of Ukraine or Russia have been honest in disclosing death toll numbers:

"You don’t knock down a whole city and say two people got hurt, thousands of people are being killed."