Trump Holds 4-Point Lead Over Joe Biden

 December 28, 2023

A new J.L. Partners and Daily Mail survey should send shivers down President Joe Biden’s spine.

According to the survey, former President Donald Trump has a whopping four-point lead over Biden.

The question on the survey was simple: “If the presidential election was tomorrow, who would you vote for?”

Roughly 40% of voters named Donald Trump.

Only 36% said Joe Biden.

As Donald Trump would say, this is huge.

Biden falls lower and lower in approval ratings with each passing day.

Plus, with all the crises Americans are facing in this country every single day, it is almost a guarantee that Biden’s approval rating will only continue to drop.

Trump has taken a commanding leading in the GOP presidential candidates, and on Jan. 15, we finally will see how the former president fares in Iowa.

How do you think Trump will do in the first caucuses next month?