Trump Has One Big Advantage Throughout Indictments

 August 17, 2023

Donald Trump has one big advantage over liberals in his legal battles against them, and America's Democrats seem too foolish to identify it:

They're trying to paint Trump as s dishonest criminal, but Donald actually looks more and more trustworthy with each indictment that comes out against him.

The former president has been saying that there has been a political witch hunt after him for years, and each time they indict him it just proves his point more and more.

Trump has figured out that 21st-century politics is essentially "us" versus "them."

While liberals are hoping that the indictments would turn supporters against Trump, all they're doing is proving that they really are the "them" who's battling against the "us."

Trump's fundraising has spiked after each indictment, what does that tell you?

After four indictments, Trump is as popular in the polls as he's ever been. What does that tell you?

It tells you that it is indeed "us" versus "them," and Donald Trump's the only fat cat brave enough to be on our side.