Trump Has 'No Formidable Challenger' In Entire GOP

September 5, 2023

Donald Trump is receiving amazing news after amazing news lately.

That's the exact opposite of what liberals think should be happening. They're trying to put Trump behind bars, so each case they bring against him should make him look less and less trustworthy, right?


Trump is as popular as ever.

Each indictment proves that LIBERALS have been lying, not Trump. He promised us there was a witch hunt out to get him for years.

Well, here it is now.

And America is supporting him as a result.

Recent polls have given Trump amazing news, both in the primary and general election stakes.

A Wall Street Journal poll recently concluded that Trump is beating Joe Biden in a head-to-head matchup. Trump collects 40% support, while Biden is down around 39%.

But what about getting to the general election?

That shouldn't be a problem for Trump, as a recent study concluded there were "no formidable challengers" in the GOP to stand in his way.

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