Trump has majority support, double-digit lead in new national poll

By Jen Krausz on
 February 10, 2023

A new national poll by Premise Data shows former President Donald Trump with a double-digit lead over his hypothetical challengers for the 2024 GOP nomination and support from a majority of his party.

In the poll, 57% of GOP voters said the Republican Party should nominate Trump. The next-closest candidate was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with 29%. All the other potential candidates were in the single digits.

The poll also asked whether respondents would choose Trump or DeSantis, and 56% said Trump, while 35% said DeSantis.

In a matchup against President Joe Biden, Trump was slightly ahead 43% to 41%. DeSantis trailed Biden 37% to 35%.

Many voters in these two scenarios remain undecided, which means that anything can happen in the next year and nine months.

There will probably be many twists and turns between now and November 2024 when ballots are cast, or even between now and next May or June when the nominee is chosen.